Celebrating people

It’s not just great wines and spirits that are rewarded at the IWSC – we also recognise outstanding individuals, through accolades such as our Wine and Spirits Communicators, and awards for emerging talents in the wine, spirit and hospitality industries. In addition, we recognise producers and retailers for their performance over the last 12 months, both at the IWSC and also across the drinks world as a whole.

How do the achievement awards work?

For our people awards, members of the wine and spirit industries are invited to submit nominations of personalities who they feel have stood head and shoulders above their peers over the last year - you can nominate either yourself or someone you know. These nominees will then be contacted to provide further details about themselves, their recent activity, their plans for the coming year, and why they should win. The winner is chosen following a panel discussion between the IWSC senior team and industry experts.

For 2020, we extended the entry period to allow for the year’s uniquely challenging circumstances. As a result, this year’s wine and spirit communicators were announced in November 2020, along with our main awards, with the winners then holding the title through 2020-21, and working with us on various projects and pieces of content over the next 12 months. Similarly, the announcement of our 2020 retailer and emerging talent awards has been moved to March 2021, to allow entrants to be judged on their performance over the whole course of 2020, and to then stand as winners throughout 2021.

To nominate yourself or someone else for an IWSC Achievement Award, click on the corresponding button below. Please note that you can nominate more than one person.

Emerging Talents

IWSC's Emerging Talent awards are an unparalleled opportunity for new and exciting voices in the wine, spirit and hospitality industries to break into the drinks industry, and gain exposure and recognition for their work.

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Bartender award

This award recognises the very finest talent in the bartender community. In paternership with Global Bartending Talent agency, we are looking for an individual who is leading the way in creativity and trendsetting in the bar world. Someone who is disrupting the norm and having a wider conversation about the importance of the on-trade activities through their actions and words.  The winner will be a natural ambassador due to the influence, knowledge and respect they garner from both industry peers and the wider public. 

This award is open to all international bartenders.

Entries are now closed! The judging will take place at the end of March and the winner of the 2021 IWSC Bartender will be announced in April 2021.

Wine Communicator

The Wine Communicator, sponsored by Vinitaly, recognises an individual or organisation whose communication skills make an exceptional contribution towards promoting and increasing public awareness in wines.

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Spirits Communicator

Spirits Communicator, in partnership with Chivas Brothers, recognises an individual or organisation whose communication skills make an exceptional contribution towards promoting and increasing public awareness in spirits.

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