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My name is Gem. I'm a Ragdoll. I would like to tell you about where I live. I live in an old Victorian house with several other Ragdoll cats in the old town part of Noblesville, Indiana. Our county, Hamilton, is the fastest growing county in our state.


My human mom and dad, Janet and Charles Phillips, take really good care of us. There are enough cats here that I never get lonely but not so many that we get on each other's nerves. She makes sure our litter boxes are clean and our food bowls are full. His big job is to teach us how to cat nap.

This is Murfee. He's a seal lynx point.

He loves being a dad.

Hi, I'm Geannie of Whitewater Ragdolls and this is Keylock, an altered male, Seal point, our family pet!

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